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Hello Framers,

Hope you are well. First of all, I wanted to share with you my twitter handle. For those of you on twitter, you can follow me on Twitter at @KapilVermaAdobe to keep up-to-date on what’s going on in the FrameMaker world. I will also be tweeting about upcoming events and my travel plans so that we can meet in person. Please follow me on twitter if you would like to get this information.

In my blog post today, I am going to be describing several productivity enhancements related to DITA authoring in FrameMaker 10. Through these enhancements, you can author DITA content faster and more efficiently in FrameMaker 10. As always, remember to turn your computer speakers on while watching the videos.

1. Drag and Drop Across Maps

Rather than cut and paste topicref elements between maps, they can be reorganized by using drag and drop.

View video in a new browser window.

2. Insert Multiple Topicref Elements in a DITA Map

More than one <topicref> element can be added to a DITA map at the same time.

View video in a new browser window.

3. Support for <topicgroup> and <topicset> elements

Topic groups allow you to gather topics together, optionally giving the group a title. Topic sets allow you to single source groups of topics between maps.

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4. Switch to Resource Manager (RM) or Document View in a DITA map

Change between two primary views of a map in only one click. Both the Resource Manager View and the Document View provide value when working with a DITA map. Switching between them is as simple as clicking a toolbar icon.

View video in a new browser window.

Hope you will find these enhancements useful and find that they make your more productive in your daily work.

Until the next blog post …

Have a nice weekend,
Kapil Verma

Product Manager – FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server

Follow me on Twitter: @KapilVermaAdobe

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Kapil Verma

Posted on 01-28-2011


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