Ankur Jain’s birthday celebrations @ Adobe

Monday, February 28 2011 @ 12:16 PM, By Tulika Garg

Belated happy birthday to AnkurĀ  :-)


  • By Subhash Jha - 12:20 PM on February 28, 2011  

    Happy B’Day Ankur

    • By Ankur Jain - 2:05 PM on February 28, 2011  

      Thanks, Subhash!

  • By Colum McAndrew - 2:53 PM on February 28, 2011  

    Hey! You don’t look day over 21 with that disguise. Happy Birthday!

    • By Ankur Jain - 4:08 PM on February 28, 2011  

      Haha. Thanks for the kind words, Colum! :-) I celebrate my birthday on February 8th. I was in Amsterdam and Paris on this day this year doing TCS 3 launch events, and got to celebrate with the team only now.

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