Review and Collaboration Workflows in Adobe RoboHelp 9 [VIDEO]

Content must be kept in sync. In an earlier blog post, I talked about the need for authors to keep “in-sync” with subject matter experts and documentation team members. At the same time, your end users would like to participate in the content generation as well. Powerful new Review and Collaboration workflows in RoboHelp 9 using the popular Adobe Acrobat PDF and Adobe AIR Help provide the answer.

In this video, you will learn three major workflows in Adobe RoboHelp 9:

  • Adobe PDF Based Review (Ideal for Author to collaborate with Subject Matter Experts, as SMEs may not have access to the same authoring environment as authors)
  • Track Changes – As the RoboHelp 9 project is worked on, changes are marked and highlighted. There is also a record of who made them and when. (Ideal for Author-to-Author collaboration and multi-author environment.)
  • Comments and Comment Moderation found in Adobe AIR Help 2.0 (Ideal for Authors to collaborate with end-user community)


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Ankur Jain
Product Manager – Technical Communication Suite | RoboHelp
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Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain

Senior Product Manager, Adobe Experience Manager - Forms

5 thoughts to “Review and Collaboration Workflows in Adobe RoboHelp 9 [VIDEO]”

  1. Hi,

    I am new o Robohelp 9 and am using change tracking. When I edit my work, I see the deleted text in red-strikethrough and the added text in green0underline. This is good. However, when I create the CHM, the red and green are gone. Both sets of text are present but I can’t tell which is added and which is removed.

    We are using an old CSS. Is this the problem?

  2. I don’t know if it’s just my end, but in case it isn’t, I wanted to let you know that there’s a lot of static in the audio which is making it difficult to focus on the content.

  3. The last method (comments and moderation) is only mentioned in this video. Where can we find the video that is referenced at the end of this video? Thanks.

    1. I will share the ‘comments and moderation’ video as part of another blog post. These videos will also be available on Adobe TV soon.

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