Customize the look and feel using AIR Help Skin Editor in RoboHelp 9

After we introduced the ability to develop Help based on Adobe AIR in RoboHelp 8, one of the things we heard again and again from our customers was the need to customize the look-and-feel of the generated AIRHelp system. And we now have AIR Help Skin Editor in RoboHelp 9!

Help systems must be consistent with design standards, and corporate branding themes. Customized branding with logos and color schemes is much more versatile with the new AIR Help Skin Editor. Adobe RoboHelp 9 now has an AIR Help Skin Editor that allows you to control the colors and icons used in AIR Help skins.

See AIR Help 2.0 in action including the new AIR Help Skin Editor:
(Click the play button to view an online Adobe Captivate animated demonstration)

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Try It!

Open the Salesbuilder-help sample project in RoboHelp 9. From the Project Set-up pod, right-click on the Skins folder and select, New Skin. The New Skin Options dialog box opens:

After selecting from several templates, give the skin a name and click OK. The new AIR Help Skin Editor opens. Choose from preset color combinations or create your own according to your organization’s design requirements. Click OK and you are done!
















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Ankur Jain
Product Manager – Technical Communication Suite | RoboHelp
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Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain

Senior Product Manager, Adobe Experience Manager - Forms

2 thoughts to “Customize the look and feel using AIR Help Skin Editor in RoboHelp 9”

  1. I read your post but encountered the following error-

    defaults: Error: unable to open ‘C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboHTML\AIRSDK\frameworks/localFonts.ser’

    Kindly help

  2. This skin editor has been a great start Ankur – I hope you still have further development plans for it because changing colours (while great), is only the first step in building a user-configurable template and skin editor. I’d love to be able to move elements around or remove ones that don’t apply to my needs.

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