Introducing a Monthly Online Community Gathering: Ask the Adobe Technical Communication Team

Ask Adobe Technical Communiation Team

We are very excited to introduce an informal monthly online community gathering where you will have an opportunity to get to know the Adobe team that works on your favorite Technical Communication tools, interact with the team at length, directly ask us your questions, as well as share your feedback/ideas regarding our products. This is also an opportunity for you to influence our product road-map by sharing your workflow and feature requests for future versions.

Unlike a traditional eSeminar, which is much more structured around a single topic outline, the “Ask the Adobe Technical Communication Team” monthly events will be informal and relaxed, in order to enable our community to drive the conversations. At this point, no pre-registration is required to attend.

From the Adobe  Technical Communication team, we will have members from FrameMaker and RoboHelp Engineering, Product Management, Sales & Marketing, and Product Evangelism participate in these events. Depending on the schedules of the team members, you may see different team members each time, but we will do our best to have representatives from every function as best we can.

I am excited about this new ‘monthly gathering’ initiative, and look forward to engaging in great discussions, and exchange of ideas and information with our community….and I hope you share our excitement too. I hope to see you there!

I will post details for each month on this blog and will also send update via my Twitter account @ankurjain8, so please keep an eye on that. For now, please find below the details of our first session.

Here’s the information for our very first Ask the Adobe Technical Communication Team session. Come prepared with your questions and ideas.

Hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, 18th August, 2011

Time: 8:30 AM — 9:30 AM US / Pacific (Time Zone Converter)

Access Information:

MeetingPlace Dial-in Numbers:

  • North America (Toll):                     408-536-9900
  • North America (Toll-Free):           877-220-5439
  • UK (Toll):                                            +44-208-606-1105
  • Australia (Toll-Free):                     1-800-642-196
  • India (Toll-Free):                             000-800-9860222 (Airtel users), 1800-266-0350 (Non-Airtel users)
  • Meeting ID:                                      460696
  • Password:                                       12341234


Our first session has already taken place. See below for the next one:

Date: Thursday, 15th September, 2011

Time: 8:30 AM — 9:30 AM US / Pacific (Time Zone Converter)

Access Information:

Our first two sessions have already taken place. The third session is primarily for the RoboHelp users:

Date: Thursday, 20th October, 2011

Time: 8:30 AM — 9:30 AM US / Pacific (Time Zone Converter)

Access Information:

Till further notice, the “Ask the Adobe Technical Communication Team” webcasts have been suspended. We are working on infusing greater value into these sessions for our technical communication family. Please hold your breath and wait for the next blog / announcement. Coming soon!

Ankur Jain
Product Manager – Technical Communication Suite | RoboHelp
Follow me on Twitter: @ankurjain8
Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain

Senior Product Manager, Adobe Experience Manager - Forms

16 thoughts to “Introducing a Monthly Online Community Gathering: Ask the Adobe Technical Communication Team”

  1. I’m hoping this question can be answered in the next monthly session:

    I’m working with FM10 and RH9 (Tech Comm Suite 3). I’m creating a very small test project for the Frame to RH single-sourcing as a proof of concept, where the FM files are linked into RH (not copied, but linked by reference). In general, things work very well, BUT, I’ve noticed that for each topic created using a linked FM file, I get a topic-specific CSS file. I have specified in my Project Settings and on my master page to use fmstyles.css, but RH instead generates this other file and changes the topic’s properties to use the generated file. The entries in the generated CSS duplicate the entire fmstyles.css file. Seems like a waste of disk space and an opportunity for things to get out of synch, especially if you have a lot of topics.

    I also noticed that RH modifies the HTML for the topics to use BOTH CSS files. I deleted the code for the generated CSS files and deleted the actual files in my project folder and the styles in fmstyles.css are not picked up and used. I have several numbered lists that became bullets as a matter of fact.

    Any thoughts on how to specify ONE CSS and have it stick for the whole project?

    Thanks in advance and when is the next session? I’d like to dial in regardless of whether or not my question is addressed.

    1. Heidi, thanks for submitting your question. We will answer it in the next session (September 15th). I’ve added information on the next session in the blog post.

  2. WE used to be able to create merged help with .chm files by removing static paths from the .hhp file. in RH 9 the manual removing of paths does not stick. Is it possbile to have this feature back?

  3. I’ve created about 150 CSH topics that don’t have content yet. Many of the topic titles are duplicated — some as many as 10 times. Mapping these topics is difficult. Is there some place aside from the cshdat_robohelp.htm file where RH shows the actual file names together with the map numbers? Thanks.

  4. If .xpj and supporting files are lost is there a way to decompile a deployed HTML Help or import it in as a new project? Oh I forgot to mention, the original was created with RoboHelp 5.

  5. I have version 7. I have to upgrade to version 9. Will my source file be imported into version 9 or will I loose all of the data.

  6. What do you think about submitting your questions in advance? Do you think that might help us in having more focused and fruitful session? Of course, you can still ask the team during the session.

  7. Added UK and India dial-in numbers for Meeting Place. Please note that audio will be available through both Connect and Meeting Place.

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