ExtendScript of the Week: Book Report

Last week we provided an overview of ExtendScript Support in Adobe FrameMaker 10 (FrameMaker ExtendScript: Getting Started) and announced the “ExtendScript of the Week” initiative. As part of that series, we are providing a script which shows how to use FrameMaker ExtendScript capabilities to generate Book Report.

This scripts when run on a Book generates a Book Report which contains the following information about the Book:

  • General Information like page count, number of markers, x-refs etc
  • Detailed Information on X-Refs / Referenced Graphics with their status (resolved / unresolved). From the report, you can click on the record to jump to location of x-ref / Referenced Graphic.
  • List of Tables and Markers with links to jump to their location.

Steps to Install

  • Download the zip file from BookReport
  • Unzip the files and copy “BookReportMenu.jsx” and “BookReport” folder in startup folder located at “C:\Program Files\Adobe\AdobeFrameMaker10\startup”

How to use the Script?

  • Launch FrameMaker
  • Open a Book File (or use Sample Book: BookReportSampleFiles)
  • Run Book Report from “File -> Utilities -> Generate Book Report“.
  • This will run the script and generate a report which contains the information listed above.

I hope this will help you getting started with writing scripts to automate tasks and add functionality as per your requirements.

Rajat Bansal

(Resources: BookReportBookReportSampleFiles)

9 thoughts to “ExtendScript of the Week: Book Report”

    1. Yeah – I’m currently having the exact issue, script runs (i think) but does not finalise/produce a report?
      And I have no idea what location it should be at?
      Well tested :/

  1. It is better to open the script in ExtendScript toolkit (by default this is done by just double-clicking the downloaded script file) and click Run from there (after …

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