Adobe Users on the Technical Communication Industry & Products

In the last few months, we’ve been on the trot, hosting our inaugural Enterprise Summits and sponsoring events. We have been fortunate enough to collect a fine repertoire of video clippings of Adobe users and important thought leaders in the Technical Communication industry as they talk about trends, the future and current challenges. We hope these are useful to you. Happy watching!

  • (Watch) Scott Abel talks about important trends in the technical communication space and of Adobe’s role in the industry.
  • (Watch) Bab Garber of Cybex International talks about publishing to mobile apps and the internet and the interoperability built into Adobe products
  • (Watch) Edith Maxwell of EditShare on Adobe products’ community based content development features and publishing to multiple devices
  • (Watch) Erin McNamee of Eze Castle Software develops excited about Adobe’s ability to provide mobile outputs, to integrate with Google Analytics and help understand how end-users are utilizing the content
  • (Watch) Mark Steckel, Technical Writing Manager, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, counts among key trends the move towards DITA and XML, focus on reducing translation costs. His users want easy ways to find useful information and an interactive help UI
  • (Watch) Mark Whisler, Senior Technical Writer, Altera Corp., finds the Technical Communication Suite an end-to-end solution providing robust content creation and publishing
  • (Watch) Mary Rosberg, Director, Strategic Accounts, Content Rules talks about aligning technical communication with business goals, deliverables with strategic drivers. Mary believes Adobe products will have to include means to define, measure and implement quality standards in the user generated content space
  • (Watch) Maxwell Hoffman of GPI brings in great anecdotes on the plethora of content outputs and talks about Adobe products’ ability to meet the needs of technical communicators
  • (Watch) Pam Harrison, Vice President, Lightext, on publishing to mobile devices and why Banks prefer Adobe products
  • (Watch) Quotable quotes from Rebecca Cordeiro, Instructional Designer – “Technical communication is going to be digital and on the cloud” and “Adobe creates convergence!”
  • (Watch) Rick Thompson, Senior Manager, Accenture, met challenges in integration of information from multiple sources and publishing through multiple channels. Adobe products have provided cost-effective solutions for large government implementations.

Parth Mukherjee

Parth Mukherjee was the Marketing Manager for Adobe's Technical Communications product line from August 2011 to May 2013.

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