Dispelling some myths on FrameMaker

Wednesday, December 7 2011 @ 4:37 PM, By kverma

Hello Framers,


Hope you are well and enjoying the holiday season! It has been an extremely busy last several months, with lots of things going on. I have been on the road, attending several conferences and meeting many of you in person. These trips have been very productive and I have learnt a lot about the challenges and aspirations of our customers, trends in the industry and end-user requirements. It goes without saying that we will continue to strive to make our products better to meet your ever evolving needs.

In order to better communicate our product capabilities and value proposition, we are embarking on a new initiative. Over the next several weeks, members of the product team and industry experts will be making a series of blog posts. The topics of these posts will range widely, but there will be a common thread that will bind them. The common thread is that often there is confusion in the market about our products’ capabilities in some specific areas and in some cases, there have been some inaccurate information that has been floated around in the public domain by some people. The objective of this effort will be to give the right and complete information to our users so that they can make an informed decision rather than based on inaccurate opinions. We hope that you will find these posts useful in your daily work and in your decision-making process.

So, look forward to the first blog post, which will be made by Tom Aldous (Product Evangelist and Business Development Manager) where he will be discussing at length about FrameMaker’s XML capabilities and the support for various standards. Going forward, I will be posting links to new posts as they become available. So, stay tuned..


By the way, here is is a picture from a recent customer event that we did in the US. Standing from left to right are: Tom Aldous (Product Evangelist and BDM, Adobe), Maxwell Hoffman (Director, Document Globalization Practice Globalization Partners International), Ankur Jain (Product Manager, Adobe), myself, Rick Thompson (Senior Manager, Accenture) and Scott Abel (Founder and CEO, The Content Wrangler).












Dec 9, 2011: Myth # 1 Busted: FrameMaker is not a real XML authoring and publishing solution. Read the post here which busts this myth

Dec 16, 2011: Found a very interesting blog post from Scott Prentice on the same topic as what Tom posted on last week. Here is the link. I am sure you will find it an interesting read

 Dec 16, 2011: Post # 2: Making FrameMaker your “own” – How to customize the User Interface? read the blog post here

Dec 22, 2011: Post #3: Publishing your FrameMaker content to mobile devices. Read the blog post here

Jan 5, 2012: Post # 4: FrameMaker – going beyond PDF! Read the blog post here

Jan 19, 2012: Post #5: FrameMaker: EDD, template, rules – what is all this and how does it benefit me? Read the blog post here

Feb 13, 2012: Post #6: How to run FrameMaker on Mac? Read the blog post here


Kapil Verma

Sr. Product Manager – FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server


  • By John Daigle - 5:23 PM on December 7, 2011  

    Thanks so much for putting this together, Kapil. Indeed there has been so much downright misinformation floating around lately I look forward to seeing the record set straight.

  • By Ron Tillotson - 5:37 PM on December 7, 2011  

    Thankfully, there are such forums as the tech writer forum on LinkedIn that provide accurate and helpful FrameMaker tips and solutions to problems users have with several versions of FrameMaker.

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