Part 2: 13 Common mistakes communicating Policies & Procedures Webinar highlights

Friday, June 15 2012 @ 1:23 PM, By Maxwell Hoffmann

Raymond Urgo completed his coverage of the 13 most common mistakes in managing and communicating policies and procedures. Having spent years in this field, Urgo has observed many common mistakes, starting with the error of handling training separating from development of P&P.

This brief blog highlights a few key points made by Urgo and contains links to his slides and a full recording of the webinar.


13 Common Policy Procedure Mistakes Part 2

Major areas where mistakes are made

The most common areas of concern are:

  • Process for developing P&P information
  • Standards for developing P&P Information
  • Talents for developing P&P Information
Self-development: Many organizations do not have a  process for self-development. One solution is to assign a position or group to own this process.
Confusion over ownership: another common area is that team members may assume that policies and procedures is “owned” by whomever is developing this information.
Lack of documentation style standards: there are several solutions to this challenge, but one is to develop a guide with style decisions that are unique to your organization. Such standards should be based on principles and rationales, not “likes” and “dislikes.” In other words, objective vs. subjective.

Review the recorded webinar

This brief blog touches on just a few of the points and best practices that Raymond Urgo shared during our webinar session. You can view the full recorded webinar, “13 Common Mistaks about Communicating Policies & Procedures Information, Part 2.” You will need to use credentials from a free account.

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