Creating Content for Smart Devices using RoboHelp 10

Tuesday, October 30 2012 @ 11:50 AM, By Nandini Gupta

Reading goes mobile. RoboHelp takes it beyond desktop and here is how…

Creating interactive EPUB3 content for all the smart devices just got easier. Just let RoboHelp know what you got and it will deliver the content in a format which fits just well with your device.

With the introduction of a feature where RoboHelp supports publishing to EPUB3, Kindle Format 8 and Mobi format, you can carry your favorite piece of content anywhere on devices like smartphones, EBook readers, tablets, and Adobe Digital Editions.

  1. Create content: Get started in RoboHelp Editor by creating what you want to publish.

    RoboHelp Editor

    RoboHelp Editor

  2. In the Single Source Layout Pod, select eBook and right-click Generate.

    Single Source Layout

    Single Source Layout

  3. You see the Settings Pod.

    eBook Settings General

    eBook Settings General

  4. Select an appropriate format in which you want to generate the output: select EPUB3 or Kindle Book, or both.
    The Kindle book is meant for Amazon’s kindle reader. You might need to download KindleGen and then specify its path. When you select the Kindle Book, you see the path options. Specify the location of the output folder.
  5. Click Next. Specify TOC, Index, Glossary, Conditional build Expressions, and CSS. Choose the CSS as per device to bring closer resemblance to the look and feel of it.
  6. Define the Meta information from Next tab and optimize content using the options shown in the dialog box below.

    eBook Settings Optimization Settings

    eBook Settings Optimization Settings

  7. Click Save and Generate.


  • Avoid using space characters in bookmarks.
  • Avoid using Frameset elements in your content.

Please share how you have turned around the experience of reading using RoboHelp.


Submitted by: Anjali Gupta, Tech Support Associate

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