Resolving .chm file error in RoboHelp: Cannot open file: mk:@MSITStore”

Tuesday, October 30 2012 @ 2:04 PM, By Nandini Gupta

If you are working with Microsoft HTML Help in RoboHelp, you might get the following error while opening the .chm file:

CHM Error Message

CHM Error Message

This error usually occurs due to HHCTRL.OCX file which is a Windows file used to view help files. Most of the times it gets overwritten by some newly installed hardware, software or even updates. You can try one of the following steps to resolve this issue:

  • Restore the previous version of HHCTRL.OCX. You can do so by restoring your system to a system restore point or copying it from the windows installation disk.
  • Try replacing the HHCTRL.OCX file from a system on which you are able to open the .chm file successfully.
  • Register the HHCTRL.OCX file by running the following command:

    Run Command dialog box

    Run Command dialog box

Submitted by: Piyush Bhatnagar, Asst Manager Tech Support


  • By Peter Grainge - 8:48 PM on October 30, 2012  

    If this is the cause of your problem, then it will affect any CHM you are trying to open. If only CHM is affected, Item 6 at may help.

  • By prashant bhonde - 1:26 PM on February 19, 2013  

    I am Prashant, can I convert the word file into .chm in adobe robohelp 10.

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