Happy New Year! Interesting upcoming webinars

Friday, January 4 2013 @ 11:51 AM, By Parth Mukherjee

Hello everyone!

Adobe TechComm family wishes everyone a very happy new year!

The year may have changed, but we are still strongly committed to bringing you FREE thought leadership and learning content in the form of webinars.

Hope you make the most of what’s on offer. Please feel free to share this with friends and colleagues who might also benefit from these great learning sessions.

(Click on the respective webinar name to register)

  • 2-part series: DITA Specialization by Tom Aldous of Adobe
    • Jan 8th: Part 1 – Modeling DITA Specialization
    • Jan 10th: Part 2 – DITA Specialization: live, dynamic examples
  • 3-part series: Cognitive Design for User Assistance by Ray Gallon, owner of Culturecom and an STC board member
    • Jan 15th: Session 1 – Users Become Learners
    • Jan 29th: Session 2 – Empowering User/Learners Through Cognitive Development
    • Feb 4th: Session 3 – Integrated Learning: Building Customer Loyalty
  • 4-part series: Exploring FrameMaker 11 Power Features for Word Users by Maxwell Hoffmann of Adobe
    • Feb 5th: Session 1 – Converting Word docs to FrameMaker
    • Feb 12th: Session 2 – FrameMaker for Word Users: Tables, tabs, global cautions and warnings
    • Feb 19th: Session 3 – FrameMaker for Word Users: Page layout, anchored frames and rich graphics
    • Feb 26th: Session 4 – FrameMaker for Word Users: Books, multiple versions from single source files, TOC/IX and Xrefs

All FREE upcoming events: http://adobe.ly/Pbz6xI

All FREE recorded events: http://adobe.ly/Pbdp0J



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