RoboHelp 10.0.1 Patch Released

Dear RoboHelp Users,

I’m pleased to announce the availability of RoboHelp patch 10.0.1, in which we have fixed several issues that were reported to us by our users and valued partners.

The major issues we have fixed in this patch are as follows.

FrameMaker – RoboHelp Integration

  1. Some users reported that RoboHelp used to crash when they import FrameMaker document containing a few images. This used to happen only if Acrobat 11 Pro is installed on the machine.
  2. After importing the FrameMaker content into RoboHelp, the cross-reference hyperlinks did not work if the FrameMaker file is stored in the user directory (<root-drive>:\Users) or in long path (<root-drive>:\level>5).
  3. In the RoboHelp project generated from a FrameMaker file containing a superscript text, the superscript tag got applied to all the content following the original superscript text.
  4. The conversion mapping of cross-references failed while importing a FrameMaker document, in which the cross-reference links to the content above the cross-reference.

Multiscreen HTML5

  1. With this fix, published output folder for ePub, Webhelp, and Flashhelp would be cleaner. Earlier, the SSL folder for these outputs used to have !ScreenLayout folder.
  2. One of the user reported that while accessing the published multiscreen HTML5 output on an Android phone, he was always re-directed to the iPhone layout. We have fixed this issue now and now the users will be redirected to appropriate layouts for all devices.
  3. When desktop layout was applied to a screen profile, no vertical scroll used to show up. We have resolved the issue in this patch. To fix this, please follow this process
    1. After applying the patch, delete the ScreenLayouts folder:
    2. Delete Desktop_Layout screen layout in Project Set-up in RoboHelp
    3. Create new Desktop_Layout screen layout in Project Set-up in RoboHelp.


  1. While upgrading from RoboHelp 9 to RoboHelp 10, the Resource Manager Links (such as images, snippets etc.) for the project used to get lost.
  2. Microsoft HTML Help output used to crash on Win8/Win Server 2012 64-bit operating system.
  3. In addition to all these bug fixes, we have also fixed and enhaced the UDV converter script. In the enhanced script, you can now find case-sensitive text across files and convert it to a UDV. To enable the script, please follow this process
    1. Apply the patch over the Robohelp base build.
    2. Find this folder %APPDATA%\Adobe\RoboHTML\10.00\Scripts- this will be our source folder from where the Robohelp picks up the scripts.
    3. Now, search for this folder <RoboInstallDirectory>\RoboHTML\presets\scripts- this contains the new updated script.
    4. Copy the script folder from the location mentioned in step 3 into the folder mentioned in step 2.
    5. Open Robohelp and you will find the new updated scripts in the script explorer.


RoboHelp 10.0.1 patch can be downloaded from here.

You can find the ReadMe document here.

I encourage all the RoboHelp 10 users to install this update. Hope you find these fixes and enhancements useful.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed by reporting these issues.


Vikram Verma

Product Manager – RoboHelp & TCS

Follow me on Twitter @vikverma2013

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Vikram Verma

Vikram Verma

Vikram Verma was Senior Product Manager at the Technical Communication Team from 2012 to 2015.

16 thoughts to “RoboHelp 10.0.1 Patch Released”

  1. In case it helps someone else, on my XP system running Word 2003 and RoboHTML, I can generate a .doc file but not a .docx file. If I don’t notice that it’s switched back, RH can’t find Word. When it’s set to .doc it finds Word just fine. That is some warped glitch.

    On my Windows 8 64 system running windows 2013 and RH10, no joy with any combination. Hence I am still going back to my old crashy system to produce the printed doc. Not a happy camper, but at least I keep my client.

  2. Hi, Vikram. This solution is not working for me. I have RoboHelp 10, 64-bit Windows 8, and Microsoft Office 2013. When I right-click Printed Documentation from the Single Source Layouts, and then click Save and Generate, I get this error:

    ===The version of Microsoft® Word you are using has some known limitations with documents that contain a large number of list items (~1500). To avoid this
    problem, please download the latest Office 2000 service release (SR-2 or later). For more details, please see the online Help.===

    I can click Continue on this message, and then I get this error:
    ===A supported version of Microsoft Word does not exist. Please install Microsoft Word 2000 or newer.===

    I can only click OK on this message, and of course it won’t generate the output. For some reason, it doesn’t see that Word is installed on the machine.
    Does anyone know whether this going to be addressed in an upcoming update? I currently have RoboHelp version, so I believe I have the update mentioned in this thread.
    Thank you for any help you can offer!

  3. I tried to install the RoboHelp 10.0.1 patch but it’s not working on my computer. The update can’t be install… somebody has this problem ?

  4. New computer: Windows 7, upgrade to RH10 HTML and Word 2010 — I receive a message to ‘start Word on my computer’ when generating output – it does not seem to recognize that Word 2010 has been started and documents created — I have been using word 2010 for weeks on my machine — but it is first time to generate printed documentation from RH10.

  5. Now suddenly RH10 won’t recognize any of my CSSs except “default.css”. I can see the pages properly formatted in the editing window, but in preview and when generated, the pages have no styling: no hanging indents, no shading or borders on the tables, no text fonts or colors.

    RH10 also continues to crash for no apparent reason. (RH10 for HTML–Windows 7). Wish I could describe the circumstances, but there’s no discernible pattern.

    1. Hi Dicentra,

      We tested the scenario you mentioned, but didn’t discover any issues. Could you please send me an email so that I can get someone to look into your project.


      1. Further investigation shows that the other CSSs work, but not a new one for Japanese. It’s identical to default.css except for the fonts. Not sure why that should make a difference.

        When I change an individual page’s CSS to default.css, that stylesheet is applied in preview, even to the master page (which is still on the Japanese CSS).


        I might need to mention that on the same day that Adobe released the RH patch, my Windows 7 auto-installed a truckload of stuff, and my Word macros were totally wiped out.

    1. Hi Vikram
      I receive the message that a supported version of Word is not present – it does not recognize that Word 2013 is deployed on the machine.

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