Back-to-School: Advanced FrameMaker 3-part webinar series

Monday, September 2 2013 @ 4:33 AM, By Maxwell Hoffmann

Little red schoolhouseOur summer school 3-part webinar series on FrameMaker was such a success, that many attendees asked for a “part 2″ on more advanced topics.

This blog summarizes what you can expect in the 3 episodes we’re delivering in September and October. You can register at:

Advanced FrameMaker Sess 1) Beyond Fonts and Numbering

September 17, 2013 – FrameMaker 11 and Advanced Template Formatting
Discover what you can do with the Pagination, Advanced and Table Cell tabs in the Paragraph Designer. (Yes, there is a reason to put margins around paragraphs “just in case.” Also discover how to add unique flare to paragraph formats.

Advanced FrameMaker Sess 2) Beyond Book Building

October 1, 2013 – FrameMaker 11 and Advanced Book Building
Penetrate the mysteries of books, sub-books, volumes, <$chapnum> and other powerful features of book building. Several powerful features have been added to book building over the last 3 releases of FrameMaker, and you will discover how to unlock their hidden power.

Advanced FrameMaker Sess 3) Format Rules from the EDD for XML

October 15, 2013 – Creating EDD format rules in Structured FrameMaker
We will have already explored the EDD with an earlier webinar by guest Alan Houser. This session will focus on how you can create context-sensitive formatting and also make relative adjustments to things like indented lists.

Review over what you missed in “Summer School”

You may wish to view the recordings of our 3-part “basic” series on FrameMaker. Click on the titles in the list below:

About the Presenter: Maxwell Hoffmann, Adobe’s Global Product Evangelist for Tech Comm Suite, has extensive tech comm publishing experience, having worked for a variety of publishing vendors and translation agencies before coming on board with Adobe. He is a former FrameMaker product marketing manager with Frame Technology (before Adobe acquired the product), and has trained over 1,200 people in scalable publishing solutions over the years.


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