Consolidated list of Adobe Tech Comm Product Reviews

Tuesday, January 14 2014 @ 2:00 PM, By Vikram Verma

Hello All,

I wanted to share a consolidated list of Adobe Tech Comm Products reviews so far. I will be adding to this list as more reviews become available. Hopefully, this serves as a useful central resource for those of you looking for expert, neutral opinions on these products.

FrameMaker 12

FrameMaker XML Author 12

RoboHelp 11

  • Peter Grainge has updated his famous RH Tour with RoboHelp 11. You can view the same by clicking here.
  • A review published on Techwhirl by Connie Giordano: A Trifecta of Usability, Collaboration, and Publishing Workflow
  • Paula Stern of WritePoint reviews RoboHelp 11 here.
  • A review by Willam van Weelden can be read here.
  • Beth Gerber of Lightext Inc. reviews RoboHelp 11 here.
  • Neil Perlin of Hyperword reviews RoboHelp 11 here.


  • A review by Matt Sullivan can be read here.
  • Danielle M. Villegas of TechCommGeekMom reviews TCS5 on her blog here.

Stay tuned for more link to more reviews.



Vikram Verma

Product Manager – Adobe Tech Comm Products



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