RoboHelp 11 and Tech Comm Suite 5 Recorded Webinar TV Guide

We held our Launch webinar for both RoboHelp 11 and Tech Comm Suite 5 on February 6th; the session had high attendance and a very engaged audience with many technical questions.

We recorded this webinar which you can view at your convenience. The entire webinar is about 90 minutes long, so we have created a “TV Guide” timeline, which will let you know how far into the recording to advance to view specific features. The webinar is a combination of summary slides and “live” demos, which you will find highly useful.

Link to full recorded webinar for RoboHelp 11 and Tech Comm Suite 5

You may view the webinar at the following URL:

Timeline for the recording

  • Stopwatch5 min 50 sec = Overview of major areas of new features in RoboHelp 11
  • 6 min 45 sec = newly refined user inteface compared to RH 10
    [new color scheme]
  • 8 min 30 sec = research into HTML5 and mobile publishing
  • 10 min 30 sec = feedback on how we could improve HTML5 publishing
  • 11 min 45 sec = introduction to and definition of Responsive HTML5 Publishing
    [single click, virtually no setup required]
  • 13 min 00 sec = preview of new wizard based layout editor
  • 13 min 20 sec = DEMO of new user interface
  • 13 min 40 sec = DEMO 2 types of HTML5 layout to choose from
  • 14 min 15 sec = DEMO: view properties for Responsive Layout – using 2 of “out-of-box” layouts
  • 14 min 45 sec = DEMO: options for responsive layout
  • 15 min 20 sec = DEMO: example of generated responsive layout, resized in Chrome layout
    [notice that icons will reposition based on window style]
  • 17 min 40 sec = DEMO: preview of second “out-of-box” responsive layout shipped with RoboHelp 11
  • 18 min 48 sec = DEMO: right mouse click on “layout” to edit responsive layout with new “wizard” driven controls
    Review over Layout Components that divides layout components visually by categories
  • 19 min 45 sec = DEMO: example of customized layout preview
  • 20 min 40 sec = DEMO: “after” view of radically customized layout with new colors and icons
  • 21 min 00 sec = DEMO: How to change a global component, like background color for all screens
    [take away message: all layout changes were made without view or manipulating style sheet code!]
    discussion of “pain points” in previous methods
  • 25 min 30 sec = INTRO: Topic Sharing via Cloud
  • 26 min 50 sec = DEMO: Topic sharing via Dropbox
  • 28 min 50 sec = DEMO: setting up Resource Manager for shared review of topics via Dropbox
    [dependent files like images are copied as well]
  • 37 min 37 sec = DEMO: manage Linked Resources
  • 41 min 37 sec = INTRO: improvements to Printed Documentation
  • 43 min 15 sec = DEMO: Creating new master page with custom headers/footers
  • 46 min 48 sec = DEMO: how to apply specific master pages
  • 50 min 27 sec = SLIDE: Misc Enhancements
    • Topic based browse sequence
    • SSLs listing in “UsedIn” tabs
    • Decoupling of content CSS from HTML5 CSS
      (no longer see all CSS’s listed as in RH10) – where only content CSS display makes sense, rest are hidden
    • New UI based script for replacing identified text with UDF (User Defined Variables)
  • 53 min = Conclusions about Tech Comm Suite 5
  • 54 min 20 sec = new product configuration in Tech Comm Suite 5
  • 55 min = Summary of Tech Comm Suite 5 workflow
  • 56 min 40 sec = Product Integrations w/in Tech Comm Suite 5
  • 58 min 40 sec = Key enhancements to FrameMaker 12
  • 1 hour 1 min = Product Pricing and Availability for RoboHelp 11 and Tech Comm Suite 5
  • 1 hour 3 min = final Questions answers [note: many Qs have been answered in the Q/A pod]
    … about 23 minutes of Questions and Answers



 Rh11_boxshot_3in_RGBRoboHelp 11


Tech Comm Suite 5TS5_boxshot_3in_RGB


Have your own hands-on with RoboHelp 11

You can download a trial version of RoboHelp 11 at the following URL: 2 ways to try –

Have your own hands-on with Tech Comm Suite 5

You may also download a trial version of Tech Comm Suite 5 at the following URL: 3 Ways to Try –

Maxwell Hoffmann

I am the Adobe Global Product Evangelist for Tech Comm Suite. I am passionate about powerful, single-source publishing that can deliver content anytime, anywhere, any way.

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