Adobe Software Assurance: To boldly go where no support has gone before!

customersupport2There are 2 areas in a software offerings lifecycle that are looked upon with equal importance as is the feature set of the product:

  1. Upgrades
  2. Support

During my interaction with our clients in the Tech Comm and eLearning verticals, one conversation that does take place is the options available for Technical Support for our product lines.  Adobe as a company has always invested in making our support comprehensive and flexible.

With the world becoming a smaller venue and tons of innovation and new technology hitting us every day, our clients like staying up-to-date with the latest offerings from our catalog. The Adobe Software Asusurance (ASA) is a fantastic way to stay up to date with the latest version of the tool which you have covered.

Benefits of Adobe Software Assurance

The Adobe Software Assurance is a volume licensing program that makes it easy for customers to have immediate access to all qualified Adobe product upgrades and support for a percentage of full license fee per product per year. The program offers select benefits that enable:

  • Competitive advantage of using all features available only in the latest versions
  • Potential savings on future software upgrades
  • End-user access to Adobe technical support and services
  • Accelerated ROI and reduced TCO via interactive trainings
  • Efficient software upgrades strategy planning to achieve budget predictability
  • Improved productivity with product standardization across organization and personalized documentation
  • Increase staff efficiency with one central location to download all upgrades
  • Receive proactive notification when product upgrades are available
  • Help ensure your entire organization has access to the latest software versions for the products covered under this plan

People diagramAdobe’s Software Assurance runs concurrently with the CLP membership term, so if your organization is a CLP member, you can enroll in and renew both plans at the same time. Not only can new software licenses be covered by such a plan during your CLP membership term, but previously licensed current versions of Adobe software can also be covered during your first 90 days of CLP membership. This unifies all your Adobe software installations under one comprehensive upgrade management program. In an environment where software budgets are continually under pressure, the Adobe Software Assurance is the best way for your organization to maximize its investment in Adobe Software with access to the lowest upgrade prices, the inclusion of Adobe Support and Services, and the option to upgrade to future versions of Adobe’s products as your organization’s needs evolve.

Support and Services under ASA


Product Coverage Captivate, e-Learning Suite, Technical Communication Suite, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Presenter
Upgrades / Maintenance Included
Support Plan & Incentives
  • Gold Support
  • Deployment Assistance – “Download to Upgrade” with designated Adobe Support resource
  • Scheduled enablement via Webinars
  • Personalized & Consolidated support documentation
  • Access to utilities and plug-ins
  • Special rights to purchase Adobe Developer Support
Agreement Term One (1) year between Customer and Adobe
Renewals Annually
License Type Perpetual
Pricing Fifteen percent of perpetual license list price


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About the Author:

mugshotBhim Kaul is a Product Solutions Specialist for e-learning and Technical Communication at Adobe. His fortes span customer need-mapping and solution development, product demonstrations, product training, product evangelism, enablement and client interfacing.

Bhim recently completed a webinar series “Your Content is You” focused on blended learning and flipped classroom’s , currently he is conducting a webinar on “Technical Communication Suite 5 –Do more than ever before.”  He is also a speaker and presenter at various industry level conferences representing Adobe.

Maxwell Hoffmann

I am the Adobe Global Product Evangelist for Tech Comm Suite. I am passionate about powerful, single-source publishing that can deliver content anytime, anywhere, any way.

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