RoboHelp 11 Solution #4) Integration with eLearning via Captivate 7

Thursday, April 3 2014 @ 12:02 PM, By Maxwell Hoffmann

In the 4th and final session of this 4-part webinar series, Beth Gerber of Lightext Inc., covered how to easily integrate Captivate 7 eLearning materials into RoboHelp 11 projects. FYI — both Captivate 7 and RoboHelp 11 are bundled together in a powerful combo of tools (including FrameMaker 12), Technical Communication Suite 12.

We provide the link to this recorded webinar at the end of this blog.

Benefits of Captivate 7 videos in RoboHelp 11

Beth Gerber summarized the benefit in the following slide:

01 blog summary

Agenda of the live, webinar demo

The following bullets summarize what Beth covered during her dynamic demonstration of Captivate 7 content integrated into RoboHelp 11 projects:

02 demo summary

Reuse of videos common to several projects

The following screen capture shows how the sample video is stored in RoboHelp’s Resource Manager, linked to Dropbox to ensure that it can be used across all similar or related projects:

03 Resource manager Drop Box

Giving Interactive Quizzes some “Sizzle”

Beth also demonstrated how she prefers to place quizzes in DHTML drop-down menus:

04 Quiz in DHTML drop down

Timeline to key points made in the webinar recording

The following are some timeline points you may fast forward to in order to see some key points:

  • 20:00 = how to include a topic which contains a Quiz that may be used multiple ways
  • 21:30 = examples of customized layout for different project output
  • 23:45 = viewing results from output for different project versions
  • 24:00 = dynamic example of a Quiz that will resize to any device in HTML5 responsive layout

View the recorded webinar for yourself

You will learn a great deal form this dynamic webinar recording. You may view it by clicking on the following text:
RoboHelp 11 Solution #4) Integration with eLearning via Captivate 7




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