Video Intro to “New” Captivate 8 in Tech Comm Suite 5

Friday, July 25 2014 @ 12:25 PM, By Maxwell Hoffmann

Tech Comm Suite 5 was recently updated with the latest releases of Captivate 8 and Presenter 10. I recently delivered a focused webinar that emphasizes “what matters” in new Captivate to TechComm professionals. You can view the recording of this webinar by clicking on the title: “Intro to Captivate 8 in Tech Comm Suite 5.0.1

This blog provides “minute markers” so you can fast forward to key points illustrated in the slides and demonstration:

[04:50] Summary of categories with new functionality in Captivate 8

02 whats new

[10:45] Overview of Responsive Projects

[ 12:00] Redesigned User Interface

[14:00] Live demo comparing Captivate 7 with new Captivate 8

01 Demo

[14:45 ] Contrast with new timeline and library

[16:15] More intuitive tool bar

[15:15] How to continue recording after a slide in Captivate 8

[20:40] Choice of themes

[22:30] Publish to HTML5 as well as SWF

[25:15] Summary of benefits and new features


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