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RoboHelp 10.0.1 Patch Released

Dear RoboHelp Users, I’m pleased to announce the availability of RoboHelp patch 10.0.1, in which we have fixed several issues that were reported to us by our users and valued partners. The major issues we have fixed in this patch are as follows. FrameMaker – RoboHelp Integration Some users reported that RoboHelp used to crash […]

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#WriteRight 7) FrameMaker & Word: Single-sourcing and multi-channel publications

FrameMaker 11 has a long history of creating multiple versions of documents or projects to address different audiences, and similar but slightly different product lines. For at least two decades, FrameMaker users have been able to use conditional text control to issue different, custom versions of documents from a single set of “base” source documents. […]

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