Hello Everyone, This is my first post on the Adobe TechComm Central Blog. I am the new Product Manager for Adobe RoboHelp, Adobe RoboHelp Server, & Adobe Technical Communication Suite. I am delighted to be part of the technical communication community. Over the past week, I have had the opportunity to interact with some of […]

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White Paper and Webinar on RoboHelp 10 User Defined Variables

User assistance thought pioneer, Joe Welinske, has authored a valuable White Paper that addresses an important issue: how to use a flexible interaction language scheme with User Defined Variables. This blog touches on key concepts contained in the White Paper; you may download the White Paper “Interactions with User Defined Variables” by clicking here. Adobe […]

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Adobe Whitepaper by Joe Welinske “Multiscreen-Help-Authoring”

Multiscreen Help Authoring: Dealing with the explosion in device sizes

This week a smaller, leaner, meaner iPad was introduced by Apple, increasing the number and type of tablet or mobile devices that we must all eventually publish to. The challenges can seem daunting at first. Fortunately, seasoned user-assistance thought pioneer, Joe Welinske, has authored a highly useful White Paper. You may download and review “Multiscreen […]

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“Set Out on a Joy Ride and Emerged a Winner”

Shalini Pallat, the winner of the TechComm Conundrum contest discusses her experience solving the puzzles and eventually winning. The other winner, Danielle Villegas or TechCommGeekMom has written about her experience here. —————– Set Out on a Joy Ride and Emerged a Winner – By Shalini Pallat,  Technical Editor, Synopsys India Pvt. Ltd.  It was on the […]

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Adobe & Medidata Solutions Worldwide

Adobe & Medidata Solutions Worldwide – Accelerated Workflow to Deliver One Voice with Adobe Technical Communication Suite

To help empower clinical researchers to bring new drugs to market sooner, Medidata Solutions Worldwide – a leading provider of cloud-based clinical solutions – strives to offer its customers easy, immediate access to rich product and training information. To support this goal, the company standardized on Adobe Technical Communication Suite. The result: its dispersed knowledge […]

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