Let your clients speak to your Online Help – Google’s Speech API with Adobe RoboHelp

[Guest Post] “Let your clients speak to your Online Help – Google’s Speech API with RoboHelp Responsive HTML5 Output” by Theresa Munanga

As part of our commitment to provide our customers with the best user experiences possible, our company implemented speech recognition with our RoboHelp (2015 release) Responsive HTML5 online outputs. We embrace the future of technical communication, so why not incorporate Google’s Speech API? Even if it’s only available for Chrome browsers right now (version 25+), […]

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Customize FrameMaker 2015 DITA Templates for your Corporate Design

[Guest Post] “Customize FrameMaker 2015 DITA Templates for your Corporate Design” by Bernard Aschwanden

In about 1,500 words I plan to teach you how to change the look of the default templates provided by Adobe for authors who create DITA content. I include step-by-step illustrated exercises to get you started. Even with no real FrameMaker experience you can quickly update the appearance of a format. You can change formatting […]

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iPad with Mobile Help App with Dynamic Content

[Guest Post] “Finding Relevant Content Faster with Dynamic Content Filters”, by Robert Desprez

Adobe RoboHelp (2015 release) gives users more control over the content they want to see while saving technical writers much-needed time. In the past, technical writers decided on the type of content that appeared in an online help project. For example, if there were three primary audiences for a project, the writer would write the […]

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[Guest Post] “Promote Clear Thinking via RoboHelp”, by Tanner Corporate Services

Good writing is about clear thinking. Clear thinking is hard work. Most people in business don’t have the time, incentive, or interest to put in the work. Often in business situations, certain “blocks” inhibit the ability for stakeholders and decision-makers to think clearly. Blocks that prevent clear thinking: Misaligned expectations that stem from outdated goals […]

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[Guest Post] “XML Authoring Made Easy, It’s not just for Geeks anymore …”, by Bernard Aschwanden

[Guest blog by FrameMaker XML expert, Bernard Aschwanden of Publishing Smarter] In this session, I simplify the process of authoring XML content. Since I have to use *a* standard for this, I’ll work with DITA content. My goal is to show you that creating, editing, saving, re-opening and publishing DITA content doesn’t have to be […]

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