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New Review of FrameMaker 11 by Tassos Anastasiou: XML powerhouse authoring and publishing

Since the release of FrameMaker 11 in late July, more and more DITA and XML professionals (as well as authors or unstructured data) have been discovering advantages to the many new product features. Tassos Anastasiou has been very visible in the FrameMaker community for years. The following is a brief review by Tassos (published here […]

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AdobeTV episode Gudie for: “New in FrameMaker 11: XML Authoring Features”

This brief blog summarizes some of the product launch videos we created to showcase enhancements to FrameMaker 11’s ability to make editing and authoring DITA or XML even easier. Two new views (Authoring and XML code) enable “content only” authoring (sans full formatting) and editing of XML code directly with “intelliprompt” to suggest the correct […]

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AdobeTV episode Guide for FrameMaker 11: Enterprise Productivity Features

Our recent product launch (July 24th) of FrameMaker 11 (in tandem with RoboHelp 10 and Tech Comm Suite 4) included a host of reviewer’s guides, blogs, resources, and even “featurette” videos. This blog covers initial videos created to illustrate new functionality in FrameMaker 11. New in FrameMaker 11: Enterprise Productivity Features This AdobeTV show has […]

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