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[Guest Post] “Digital Reality – Escape to a Virtual World or Explore an Augmented Culture?”, by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo

Guest blog post by Neus Lorenzo and Ray Gallon A simple call to action … Rate from one to ten: How real are Angry Birds? Is Second Life a place? Is LinkedIn your new counselor? Fill out our survey and register for our September 24, 2014 webinar on Digital Reality. How “real” is digital reality? […]

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[Guest Post] “Internet of Things: Expensive Luxury for the Rich or More Sustainable Equity for All?”, by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo

Introduction: In this first of four blogs, Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo of the Transformation Society previews issues to be covered in an upcoming July 10 webinar, “Internet of Things:  Luxury for the Rich or Sustainable Equity for All?” You may register for this event here: Sess 1) Internet of Things: Luxury for the Rich […]

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Does Structured Content improve findability?

[Guest Post] “Does Structured Content improve ‘findability’?”, by Cheryl Landes

[Note from the Editor] This week, our guest blogger is Cheryl Landes; a familiar face to many of us who attend major conferences. Cheryl touches on one benefit of structured content that is not always highlighted: your search engine optimization can increase dramatically when content is structured in a consistent fashion. Read on for more […]

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[Guest Post] “The (very) Long Road to Structured Writing”, by Ant Davey

In this guest blog, respected blogger and thought leader, Ant Davey, describes his personal long road to structured writing. Davey’s experience mirrors the path that many of us have traveled on or are about to embark on. Read on for useful guidance you can apply to your own journey. ________________________________________________ This article is not about […]

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[Guest Post] “Multichannel Publishing using Adobe Technical Communication Suite, Part III”, by Bernard Aschwanden

In this guest post, certified Adobe trainer and expert Bernard Aschwanden of Publishing Smarter recaps some key points that he covered in part three of a three-part webinar series for people who either want to know more about Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite, or who are new to the product(s). The goal is to showcase some […]

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