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View Flexible Interaction Language Scheme for multi-device publishing via RoboHelp 10

Our November 9th blog on “3 Key Webinar Recordings to Help set your strategy for 2013” made reference to our recording of a November webinar with Joe Welinske, which focused on how to use on placeholder (UDV) for multiple device gestures when single-source publishing to multiple screens. Specifically, you may have documentation for an app, […]

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Tablet and Mobile Roundup: Compendium of Tech Comm Suite recordings

Tech Comm Suite 4 with RoboHelp 10 and FrameMaker 11 introduced vastly improved capabilities to publish to tablets and mobile devices with the addition of multiscreen HTML5 output. Now, single-source publishing can swiftly address multiple devices on a customized basis based on media query, profiles and more. AdobeTCS has recently hosted a series of webinars […]

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White Paper and Webinar on RoboHelp 10 User Defined Variables

User assistance thought pioneer, Joe Welinske, has authored a valuable White Paper that addresses an important issue: how to use a flexible interaction language scheme with User Defined Variables. This blog touches on key concepts contained in the White Paper; you may download the White Paper “Interactions with User Defined Variables” by clicking here. Adobe […]

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