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Just4You #5: Compelling Reasons to Consider RoboHelp 11

In the fifth session of “Just 4 You” select demonstrations, Adobe Product Evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann, covers powerful RoboHelp features for a specific audience: users of older releases of RoboHelp, or professionals using other tools who haven’t seen RoboHelp recently. RoboHelp has evolved and made great strides in terms of power and more accessible usability in […]

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Customizing FrameMaker’s UI with ExtendScript (A Beginner’s Guide!)

Popular Adobe Tech Comm webinar guest, Russ Ward, gave a highly instructive presentation on modifying FrameMaker’s menus and user interface via ExtendScript in mid-December. You may view the recording of this webinar by clicking on the hyper-linked TITLE below: Customizing UI for FrameMaker with ExtendScript (A Beginner’s Guide!) Minute markers for key highlights in the […]

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Best Practices When Creating Interactive Video Tutorials

=============== EDITOR’S NOTE: in this guest blog, Bernard Aschwanden shares key points and insights the he demonstrated in an October 2014. You will find a link to the recording in the purple paragraph above the first illustration. =============== This session discusses tips to create tutorial videos that enhance the learning experience. I explain the purpose […]

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