Use RoboHelp 2015 to personalize the content for your end users

How to personalize end-user content with RoboHelp 2015

In one of our first post-product launch webinars, product evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann, shared new RoboHelp 2015 features that empower you to personalize your content. RoboHelp 2015 Release empowers you to publish just ONE HTML5 layout that can reach the unique needs of multiple audiences via personalized “check box” filters. Discover how improved conditional build tags […]

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Single Sourcing in RoboHelp

Technical Communication is published in multiple formats, HTML, FlashHelp, WebHelp, Print, PDF, Hosted Online Help and a host of other formats. End-users of knowledge bases, documentation, regulatory notices etc. want to access information in multiple formats and single sourcing has enabled this now at a low cost. RoboHelp is a well recognized leader in Single […]

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