iPad with Mobile Help App with Dynamic Content

[Guest Post] “Finding Relevant Content Faster with Dynamic Content Filters”, by Robert Desprez

Adobe RoboHelp (2015 release) gives users more control over the content they want to see while saving technical writers much-needed time. In the past, technical writers decided on the type of content that appeared in an online help project. For example, if there were three primary audiences for a project, the writer would write the […]

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RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR is Live Now!

RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR is Live now, after 5 months of public Beta. You can now download the RoboHelp Packager for FREE from Adobe site – http://www.adobe.com/products/robohelp/robohelp-packager-for-air. Feature list includes the following: Auto Update – Adobe AIR applications that can update themselves when online connection is available and that can work perfectly when desktop […]

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Single Sourcing in RoboHelp

Technical Communication is published in multiple formats, HTML, FlashHelp, WebHelp, Print, PDF, Hosted Online Help and a host of other formats. End-users of knowledge bases, documentation, regulatory notices etc. want to access information in multiple formats and single sourcing has enabled this now at a low cost. RoboHelp is a well recognized leader in Single […]

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