Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 release)

Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 release) is here!

The 2017 release of Adobe Technical Communication Suite is available from now on! The TechComm Suite has everything you need to deliver rich, engaging content experiences across devices. Right from authoring content, to creating responsive eLearning modules and interactive presentations to omnichannel publishing, the suite provides everything. As part of this release, we released new […]

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SQUIDDS TERM CHECK for Adobe FrameMaker

[Adobe & Partner] Terminology Management with SQUIDDS Finalyser TERM CHECK

An engineering company’s technical documentation manager reported the following incident: One of their customers wanted to order a “cam” as the part was identified throughout the online documentation. The spare part catalog however only mentioned a “control disc.” So a reliable order of the spare part was only possible after the documentation department’s intensive research. […]

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Adobe Events / Webinars

New List of Recorded Adobe TechComm Webinars

In late July 2015, we updated our webinar platform to a new, modern webinar management system. The new platform allows us to manage our constantly growing amount webinars much more easily. As part of this change, we also had to move all of our previously recorded webinars to a new location.
You can’t find this great XML webinar from last year anymore? Don’t worry. Here you go with a full list of all of our previously recorded webinars …

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