Changing Role Of Content Professional and FrameMaker 2015

Discover how FrameMaker can support your evolving, content-professional role

Our head of product marketing, Kapil Verma, delivered an incisive overview of how new tools and multiple workflows w/in FrameMaker 2015 can dramatically support your ever-changing role as a content professional. Today, content needs to be: Intelligent Find-able Engaging Available in traditional and mobile formats … and also allow end-users to select categories to “filter” […]

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Just4You #1: Why FrameMaker matters for Word Users

In the first session of “Just 4 You” select demonstrations, Adobe Product Evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann, takes you through key highlights of FrameMaker that are of particular interest to users of Microsoft Word, or potential users who are unfamiliar with FrameMaker’s power. This combination of slides and live demos focuses on use of FrameMaker for “regular” […]

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