Moving From Word To FrameMaker Business Case

Word to FrameMaker Basics

Are you dealing with big and bigger technical documentations? Are you still working with Microsoft Word? You want to become more productive and want to use a rock-solid, reliable, and industry-wide accepted Authoring and Publishing solution? Word has no book functionality and the master document concept is, well, a concept only. This is why most […]

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Word To FrameMaker 2015

Working more easily with Microsoft Word Docs and FrameMaker 2015

It has always been relatively easy to import Word docs into FrameMaker, or to convert Word docs into well-formed FrameMaker files. This process has been dramatically improved in the new release of FrameMaker 2015. In this webinar session, Product Evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann, walks you through how to use an intuitive “style mapper” to assign desired paragraph, character […]

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Part 1: 13 Common Mistakes about Communicating Polices and Procedures Info – How to Avoid Them

Raymond Urgo, commonly known as “Mr. P&P” due to his deep-dive expertise in the world of Policies and Procedures was our guest in part one of our webinar series on this topic. Raymond revealed 6 common pitfalls with Policies and Procedures that are all too often overlooked. A link to his presentation slides is displayed […]

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