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These Stamps Are All Sticky!

I recently wrote an article on creating custom sticky notes by using Custom Stamps in Acrobat. You should check it out. It was a good one. Or so my mother told me.

Anyway, just today someone asked me the question about how to have a toolbar with buttons for the custom stamps they created. This would make it easier for users in the organization to access and use the custom markup. Although this is technically possible to do using the Acrobat API, Acrobat JavaScript, or easier yet with the fantastic AcroButtons from WindJack Solutions, it’s worth taking a look back at the Stamps Palette. I’m all for doing things in as few steps as possible. 🙂

To get to the Stamps Palette, open the Comment & Markup Toolbar, then click the arrow next to the Stamp Tool and choose “Show Stamps Palette”. From there, choose your favorite category of stamps from the drop-down list at the top of the palette.


Why I am telling you something you can get right from Acrobat Help? The part you may not know is that the last category you chose is sticky. Not sticky like jam trousers, but that whatever state you leave the palette in here when you quit Acrobat, it will be the same the next time you launch the app and open the palette.

You can also make your favorite stamp the default for all stamps – that is, the first choice when you click on the Stamp tool in the Comment & Markup toolbar. Choose the stamp, custom or built-in, and add it to a PDF page. Set things up just so, then right-click the stamp and choose “Make Current Properties Default”. The last stamp and settings will be the one used from now on – until you change the selection again.

Now where did I put those useless jam trousers…?

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