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Acrobat 9! It’s here! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

So, there I was, reading my favorite txt-speak guide, when I almost dropped my mobile phone on the announcement of Acrobat 9! DGA! Acrobat 9 is WKEWL! It WFM!*

Well, maybe not, as I’ve known about the release of Acrobat 9 for a while now. And I haven’t got a clue about this txt speak thing. But believe me when I say to you my friends, I have been chomping at the bit to tell you all about this truly exciting release, especially when it comes to the collaboration side of things. I mean, really exciting!!

There are lots of goodies online right now that you can take a look at, but over the coming days I’ll be sharing with you more details about what Acrobat 9 offers for reviews and document-based collaboration. Have I mentioned how excited I am?

So, what’s new when it comes to getting feedback from others? Let’s start with a biggie…

  • Synchronized document views aka page view sharing. Wow! This one has to be seen to understand the power it has. Just imagine being able to almost instantaneously control the view of someone else’s PDF document in Reader 9 or Acrobat 9 at the same time, as if you were standing next to them, when in fact you’re on the other side of the country. Or the world. Just think about how much quicker you’ll be able to complete a project accurately.
  • Shared Reviews using Acrobat.com. Oh, and you thought Acrobat 9 was big news? Well, on top of that, Adobe has announced Acrobat.com, a suite of online hosted services for sharing and collaborating on documents. Shared Reviews are not new, but it required you to set up and use your own servers. Not necessarily so anymore. Now you can use Adobe’s Acrobat.com servers to very easily collect and track comments as part of a Shared Review. It’s really easy in an exciting kind of way.
  • Real Deadlines in Shared Reviews. Shared Reviews had deadlines in Acrobat 8. They were about as strictly enforced as Hartford, Connecticut’s law prohibiting the crossing of streets while walking on your hands. Well, now they are enforced. You can set a local date and time for a review to end, and if that time passes, reviewers will no longer be able to submit their comments.
  • Comment on video. Yes, that’s comment directly on to embedded video, using exactly the same Acrobat annotation tools you use to comment on text and images in a document. You can also use a new 3D Comment tool to add comments to 3D objects that stay in view even when you change the 3D view.

That’s only for starters (or appetizers for those of you in the USA). I’m going to let you know a lot more about what you can do in Acrobat 9 over the coming days and weeks, and where you can find out more so you’ll be ready to go once the software (or trial version) is available.

In the meantime, take a look over at Lori DeFurio’s Acrobat blog, Joel Geraci’s Developer and IT blogs, as well as all the information on acrobatusers.com and adobe.com.

* In case you’re txt speak challenged: “Don’t go anywhere! Acrobat 9 is way cool. It works for me!”

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