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“A shortcut is the longest distance between two points.”

Or so someone once said. Another person also said that “there are no shortcuts to Life’s greatest achievements.” Well, getting everyone’s feedback on time and easily so I can achieve my writing goals and deadlines is an achievement for me, and I use some shortcuts – of the keyboarding kind, that is. Here are some you can use right away with the commenting tools in Acrobat or Reader (when the document is enabled for commenting).

  • To close a text pop-up (the pop-up where you type in a text note for the markup), press Escape.
  • To open a text pop-up press Space or Enter Windows or Return (Mac)
  • Once a comment or markup annotation is selected (you will see a border around the Note, for example, use the Tab key to move through them.
  • Once a comment or markup annotation is selected, use the arrow keys to position it precisely.
  • To add a new Sticky Note, press Ctrl/Cmd + 6.
  • To quickly hide all comments press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + 8. To show all comments again press Ctrl/Cmd + 8.

Check the Acrobat or Reader Help for the shortcuts to accessing the various comment and markup tools themselves. And if I learn about any more shortcuts – or if you know of any that you can share – I’ll update this entry.


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