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How Do I Add A Custom Stamp, Without Actually Creating a Custom Stamp?

That sounds a bit like a paradox, doesn’t it? But metaphysics aside, it is a valid question. What if you want to add a custom stamp to a document just for one-time use, without having to configure a custom stamp in Acrobat itself?

Back in March of this year I posted a tip on creating a custom sticky note using the Stamps feature of Acrobat.

But did you know there is an easy way to just add a single occurrence of a stamp to a document? It takes advantage of a powerful technology called – wait for it – copy-and-paste! This tip should work in previous versions of Acrobat too.

Just copy the image you would like to use as a stamp comment, then, um, paste it on to your document from the Edit menu or by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+V. Yes, it is as easy as that. It will create a new stamp comment that you can treat just like any other: resize it, rotate it, and add a pop-up note.

But there’s more. If you copy-and-paste text, Acrobat will take that text and create a Text Box comment instead. Depending on where you copied that text from, the formatting may be preserved. Else Acrobat will just use the current default properties for a Text Box.

And if you enable for extended features, those who only have the free Adobe Reader can take advantage of the same tricks.

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