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Page View Sharing: Do You Have An Interesting Way of Using It?

One of the standout new capabilities for Acrobat 9 and Reader 9 is the ability for up to 3 document viewers to share the view of the page that they have of the document. As Mac|Life magazine said “Running a Shared Review session that’s broadcast with Collaborate Live is an easy and powerful way to get a team working together—not to mention being literally on the same page.”

I’ve already posted an article on using this capability. You can watch a short video on it here. But I have a question for those of you out there in the real world reading this that have Acrobat 9: How do you use the “Send and Collaborate Live” capability?

Here are some suggestions from me on how it can be used:

  • Technical drawings and schematics, where someone needs to be guided to a specific point in the document, possible at a very high zoom level
  • A sales representative walking a customer through contract or pricing documents over the phone
  • Presenting a set of documents to a client or colleague, where the quality of the document needs to be preserved, e.g. high-resolution artwork
  • A student walking her teacher or peers through a portfolio or project that she has been working on, explaining each part in detail

How about you? Any other great suggestions? Let us know.

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