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How Do I Stop Acrobat 9 Checking for Comments?

The Review Tracker is your friend. It keeps an eye on the reviews (and forms) you have either sent out or received so that you can carry on doing your day job. But because it does this in the background, there may be times when it (or the Finder or Windows Explorer) prompts you to log in to a server that you are no longer connected to. There is one way to stop that from happening.

All you need to do is go to the Acrobat Preferences (Acrobat > Preferences… (Mac) or Edit > Preferences… (Win) and choose the Tracker options on the left. From there, move the first slider all the way to the right. This sets Acrobat 9 to Never “Automatically Check for New Comments and Form Data.”


That should stop Acrobat 9 prompting you to log in to servers just as you are in the middle of doing something. Acrobat is doing it’s job, but it may be intrusive. Have you ever had those embarrassing chat messages from your fantasy football friend display on your screen right in the middle of a presentation to your boss? Well, it is not as bad as that, thankfully.

If you find that Acrobat 8 or 9 on Mac OS X is still prompting you to mount a server even though you have removed it from the Tracker, then there is an action that you can take to stop Acrobat from doing that. Follow the instructions located here. And take note of the warning presented there.

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