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Sending Out A Collection Of Files For Review

I am sure you have to work with one document at a time, right? “Ah, no” I hear you reply. It is typical to be working on multiple documents, document types and different applications for one particular project. Let me guess: you are also working on multiple projects at the same time too. I feel for you my friend. If you want to send out multiple files for review, you can do so as a PDF Portfolio to make it easy for your reviewers to access and view each document in an organized way.

The first thing you will need to do is convert the individual documents to PDF files first (if they are not already). Then enable them for Shared Review or Email-Based Review as necesary. Keep those files handy somewhere as your copy if you wish to.

Then combine all those files in to a PDF Portfolio. You can find lots of instructions to do that online and elsewhere, if you haven’t created one yourself yet.


The important thing here is that PDF Portfolios preserve all the settings of the original PDF files, including their Review and Collaboration settings. All the recipients (the reviewers in this case) need to do is view the files in the PDF document as they would normally do, and the Comment and Markup toolbar and Shared Review buttons will appear too. As Shared Reviews also enable for commenting in the free Adobe Reader, this will work there too.


Note that if reviewers do not see the Comment & Markup toolbar they will need to click the “Open” button in the Portfolio toolbar to open the document fully in Acrobat or Reader 9. One trick that might work is for you, as the initiator, to make sure your own Comment & Markup toolbar is open when you create the Shared Review/Email-Based Review for each document.

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