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Modifying Shared Review Locations

I was recently asked by someone “How do I change the settings for an existing Shared Review location? The server folder I use for collecting comments has changed.” This is fairly straightforward to do…

You will need to create a new Server Location. But Acrobat 9 will not let you create one with the same name as one that already exists when you go through the “Send for Review” steps. Therefore, you will need to delete the old Location first. To do that, we need to take a trip down to Preferences. So open those up using Edit > Preferences…(Windows) or Acrobat > Preferences…(Mac), and select the “Tracker” preferences from the list on the right.


There you will see the “Custom Server Locations” listed in a drop-down which are the names you were asked to use when you first created a Location for a Shared Review. Select the one you want to remove, then press the “Remove Server Profile” button.

You can now return to the “Send for Review” wizard and recreate the profile for your Shared Review location.

Now if you would like to change the location of your home to a place in your favorite spot in the world, you are on your own….



    Is there a way to delete/add pages in a PDF that has already been submitted for Shared Review? Those options are greyed out but we need that functionality after the review has started.



    [ALI’S RESPONSE: Thanks Josh. You cannot modify a PDF sent for Shared Review – as you have seen. This is to protect the “Reader Enablement” information in the PDF file. You will need to choose the “Save as Archive Copy” command from the File menu or the Shared Review “info bar” server status button. This means that archive copy will no longer be a Shared Review document.]

    In Acrobat 9 Pro, this preference exists but I cannot create a new location. The drop-down menu does not change and it is left blank. I don’t feel like paying 50 dollars for Adobe to tell me how to use the product they changed (and didn’t give any instructions for), so if anyone has any ideas on how to create a New Custom Server Location, please let me know.

    [ALI’S RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. You create new review server location profile by going through the “Send for Shared Review” wizard. There’s more to the location profile than just where the server is: it also remember how you want to handle sharing the review PDF file.]

    I use Adobe Tracker where reviewers comments are published to our server. When I upload the pdf for review, it saves the file to the server plus to my local drive (with a “_review” file extension).

    Tracker never did this before with previous CS versions, just wondering why is it has the duplicate file on my local drive. Is there an option to remove this, as this duplicate file is not required.


      If you just want only a local copy when using your own server, choose “Save a local copy…” in the “Distribute…” step of the Send for Shared Review wizard. You will still have the option to invite reviewers and send an email to them.

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