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Spotlight: Tourism Ireland

The German team used to travel to Ireland to work through their edits with the designers.” Emphatically believing in and being passionate about your work are things I agree with, but even that quote struck me as a work process that could be addressed.

And so did Tourism Ireland, who turned to PDF and Acrobat as a way to reduce the time and cost associated with collecting comments and edits on documents in different languages, with different needs, from staff members all over the globe. Although Tourism Ireland may not be the largest tourism organization in the world, the challenges they faced in ensuring high-quality information was timely and accurate are faced by many organizations and individuals today.

My favorite comment from Patrick Lennon, print and publishing officer at Tourism Ireland: “It is important for each publication to be produced in a format that is suited to the country and to the people who will be reading it. For example, publications distributed in Germany often have more text because the consumer requires more detail.” For my German friends that I work with and read this, it is all about the details, right?!

You can read more right here. And if you then feel like a trip to that beautiful Emerald Isle yourself, you can learn more here, and then just GO! Trust me, you will love it.

I was also happy to see that the article mentioned that Tourism Ireland turned to Ian Campbell, of ICCS, for their Acrobat training needs. Nice plug you got there, Ian, and rightly so! Great work.

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