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Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.1.4 and 7.1.1 Updates

Just released earlier today were the Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.1.4 and 7.1.1 updates that address recent security vulnerabilities. You can download the updates from here:

Updates for Adobe Reader for Windows
Updates for Adobe Reader for Mac
Updates for Adobe Acrobat 8 and 7 for Windows
Updates for Adobe Acrobat 8 and 7 for Mac
Updates for Adobe Acrobat 3D Version 8 and 7

You can also try the built-in Adobe Updater from the Acrobat or Adobe Reader Help menu.


This follows the 9.1 update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.0 that were released last week. Updates for Adobe Reader for Unix are expected to follow by March 24.


    The 8.1.4 Update for Adobe Acrobat is not available at the Adobe homepage. The link from a nice information about it leads only to a download page for 8.1.3.

    [ALI’S RESPONSE: The update is definitely there. See screen shot above. You will need to to scroll down. It may be a web cache issue, so try getting there indirectly by navigating from the security bulletin link above or from the Adobe.com homepage.]

    The 8.1.4 Update for Adobe Acrobat is still not available at the Adobe homepage. Looks like that only people from the Adobe network can access to the update…

    The filesize for the 8.1.4 Update for Adobe Acrobat “AdbeRdrUpd814_all_incr.msp” is listed as 10.9MB on the website but the actual download is 4.51 MB

    it is definitely NOT there…
    maybe a Cache problem on your side…


    I do either have no possibility to see the above shown entry to download v8.1.4
    Not with scrolling or twinkling.

    Update are still not available.
    Are they visible only for Adobe internal ??

    I do not see the link either. Not with scrolling neither if I try to download it by a cache-entry link from google (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=4410&fileID=4105) No file availabe. What can I do to deploy new version 8.1.4?!

    [ALI’S RESPONSE: Thanks for your comments. Firstly, the file is available – the screenshot above was taken from a public network, not the Adobe one. You should also check your browser cache, and clear it if possible. An alternative location to get the updates is from Adobe’s FTP site. For example, the Adobe Reader 8.1.4 for Windows update is located at ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/8.x/8.1.4/misc/AdbeRdrUpd814_all_incr.msp%5D

    I too could not see the updates, even after trying multiple browsers, clearing the cache, etc. However, the FTP site is accessible.

    [ALI’S RESPONSE: Any issues should have been cleared up and the page should be working for you all now. THANK YOU for your feedback and letting us know.]

    anyone having trouble where all of the recent adobe documents you’ve created lately start to randomly open all at once? any advice on how to stop this happening?

    [ALI’S RESPONSE: Sorry to hear that. Best post full details (OS, version, etc) of the problem to the online forums at acrobatusers.com or adobeforums.com to see if someone else has had this issue and addressed it.]

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