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Is there a way to delete/add pages to a PDF file sent for shared review?

I was recently asked the question “how can we delete or add pages to a PDF file after it has been sent for shared review?”. Good question that.

Firstly, a little background: when you send a PDF document to others for a shared review, you may have seen that Acrobat 9 (and 8) will lock the document down to prevent changes. This is to protect the “Enable for Commenting in Reader” functionality in the document from being accidentally removed or “damaged”: this way, those who only have the free Adobe Reader 8 or 9 can participate as expected. And hence, you are unable to change pages.

In order to add or delete pages in this scenario, you have to end the shared review, and then start a new one with the modified document. This is good practice: it ensures all reviewers are looking at and adding comments to precisely the same file, helping the review go along much smoother. The Review Tracker in Acrobat 9 can help with ending a shared review, then starting a new one with the same reviewers.

If you don’t have access to the original document, or you were not the initiator, you can still use the PDF document that was part of the shared review (the one that Acrobat created when you stepped through the “Send for Shared Review” wizard). You need to “disconnect” that local copy from the Shared Review. You can do so by choosing File > Save as Archive Copy… or by clicking on the server status button on the yellow shared review information bar at the top of the document and choosing “Save as Archive Copy…”


Acrobat will warn you that archiving the document means it is no longer part of a shared review, but that it will still contain all the comments that were added up to that point in an editable state.


Open that archive copy, which by default will have “_archive” appended to its file name. That may not be the one you see in Acrobat once you save the archived version – that is still the shared review document. And as you will notice, the archive version has no more shared review functionality, and therefore, no more security as a result of the enable for Adobe Reader. You are now free to go about doing what you need to do this copy of the PDF document.


    how can I delete pages form acrobat reader 9?

    [ALI’S REPLY: Acrobat is required to delete pages from a document – the free Adobe Reader is unable to do so.]

    Is there a way to delete page in Acrobat Reader 9 ?

      Not in Adobe Reader, no. You will need something like Adobe Acrobat to do that.

    I have downloaded the trial version of Acrobat X, I retrieved a document and I want to delete a page. How do I do this. When I view the document, I can see the pages on the left column, I tried highlighting it and pressing the delete key, but nothing happens. thank u.

      Hi. Thanks for the comment. Try right-clicking the page thumbnail on the left and see if that gives you an option to delete the page(s). If you still can’t do that, the PDF file is probably protected in some way. See if there is a lock icon in the top left of the main window. Or open the Document Properties (Ctrl/Cmd+D), click on the Security tab, and see what it says in there.


    I was advised to download a free help tool that would let me delete pages in my pdf file. Please tell me which tool to download.

      Hi Tracie,

      I am not aware of any free tools to do that. Typically to remove pages you will need an application like Adobe Acrobat.



    I have adobe create pdf and was under the impression this program would allow me to edit pdfs; add and delete pages…is that not the case??


      Adobe CreatePDF (createpdf.acrobat.com) is an online service for converting common file formats to an Adobe PDF file. If you need to edit pages (add, delete, insert, rearrange, etc) then you need software like Adobe Acrobat X (Standard or Pro). Grab a trial version from the Adobe website at http://www.adobe.com/acrobat

      If you have any questions or need help, check http://www.acrobatusers.com



    How can i delete pages from Adobe Reader

    My Acrobat 8 Prof. has refused to allow me to write comments and other things… recently.
    it has changed all my pdf documents to pdf/a…. How do i get this off so I can write comments and highlight my papers.?
    When I make pdf copies it automatically makes them all to PDF/a (in a blue high light top and I cannot change it???

      Sounds like you have PDF/A viewing mode enabled. Check your Acrobat preferences and make sure that “View documents in PDF/A mode” is set to never and see what happens. Also make sure you are up-to-date.

    How do I delete pages from a Adobe Acrobat form?

      Hi Eva. You can only do this with Adobe Acrobat (not the free Adobe Reader), and the form should not have any document editing permissions applied, or be part of a distribution workflow.

    Thank you for your answer,
    I have Professional (8.0.0) and I have saved it without any permissions (no usage rights) and the doc is not in a workflow… but still I can’t delete a page. It is a lot of work if I have to do it all over again…?

      When you look in Document Properties for the PDF file (under the File menu in Acrobat), then click on the Security tab at the top, what do you listed for Document Restrictions Summary? You want to make sure that Document Assembly is Allowed.

    Hello, I’m filling out the Government Standard Form 330 which I’m viewing and filling out with Adobe Acrobat. Part “F” of the form requires that I fill it out for each employee working here. Can I add pages to this document. Specifically, can add the section that contains Part “F” and keep the continuity of the document?

      Hello to you! With this type of form you possibly could. Firstly, you will need to Save a Copy, as it has been enabled for extended features in Adobe Reader. Open that copy (the one open will be the original), and then use the Insert Pages command to add pages to the file. Be careful though – I don’t know how the form was setup, but having a PDF file with the same form field names and different data may cause data to be replaced (because of the form field names being the same). An alternative would be to attach the other PDF forms to the main PDF form from the Attachments pane on the left of Acrobat.

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