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Using Microsoft SharePoint with Acrobat Shared Reviews

When you think of Microsoft SharePoint, you might typically think of collaboration in the context of document management, wikis, blogs, status updates, team calendars, and so on. Well, what about document reviews? Yes, you collaborate using documents too. Rather then me explaining it all here, I have created a couple of tutorial videos and posted them on the Acrobat channel on Adobe TV and the tutorials section of AcrobatUsers.com. You can also watch them below…

The first one will show you how to initiate a shared review with Acrobat 9 that uses a SharePoint document library as the review location.

The second video shows a few things for SharePoint administrators to consider when setting up a workspace for the purposes of a shared review with Acrobat.

I would feel guilty if I didn’t mention Omtool Swiftwriter, a free plug-in that allows both Acrobat and Adobe Reader to open and save PDF files to SharePoint and other document management systems. You can find out more from their website.

Finally, if you are using SharePoint today, especially with Acrobat and Adobe Reader, the product management team would love to hear from you. Check this Shredding the Document article for more details. Otherwise, feel free to post a comment here about how you are using Acrobat with SharePoint, or what you would like to see.


    Great tutorials. In terms of collaboration, there is a technology developed by NextPage that integrates with SharePoint, enabling companies to create and enforce policies, giving them the ability to track documents from the network to the end point, including to email, cell phones, USB drives and personal desktops.

    Great video for participant setup — what about initiators. I am not able to see the spaces and shared folders. What permissions do I need for that?

    [ALI’S REPLY: Thanks. Please see my second video which talks about what’s needed on the SharePoint-side to initiate a Shared Review. Actually, my first video is from the initiator and participant perspective.]

    This is great! I have set up the form and the workspace, but the document libraries are not showing up when I go to request where the form is located. Any thoughts to why? I checked the permissions to make sure everyone has access to view/contribute. Did I look over something?

    I have problems to share information for this way, sent the following message “The filename you specified is not valid because it does not include a .pdf extension, contains one or more invalid characters or the path precedint it refers to a protected system location”
    I have administrator permissions, and I do not what happend. Could you help me with this matter?


    Why is there no information on adobe.com for the error message “The filename you specified is not valid because it does not include a .pdf extension…”. Why don’t they provide a clear answer?

      Thanks for your comment, but it’s not clear as to when you are seeing this message. Can you please post your issue with all the details to the Adobe forums at adobeforums.com.

    When I am trying to distribute a from with LifeCycle 8.2, I get the same message. “The filename you specified is not valid because it does not include a .pdf extension…”.
    I have tried deselecting “Hide extensions for know file types”.
    There are no special characters in the name.
    The full path to the file is under 256 characters.
    The file is located within a folder structure I previously used to distribute forms – not a permissions issue.

    Thanks, Rick.

    I have been viewing your tutorials on Shared Reviews on Sharepoint and find them very helpful. I am trying to get this set up and am stumped, as well as our Sharepoint administrator. Following your steps, when I click Verify, after setting the shared Sharepoint folder, I get an error message “Shared folder access is unknown.” The Sharepoint admin set up a separate folder structure with only her and me as the members. We both have full privileges. Still get the error. What are we doing wrong?

      Hi Dave,

      I’m not quite sure what could be wrong here. If you both have full access then the Shared Review should see it. Try creating an all new site and library and see what happens, in case there’s a setting in the existing site that is overriding your settings.

      If you’re still stuck, try contacting tech support on this one.


      PS: Sorry for the delay in replying everyone. I have been on personal leave.

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