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Say “Hi!” to Acrobat.com Tables and Premium Services

Last month Adobe launched a free beta of Acrobat.com Presentations. The family is continuing to grow with the very exciting addition of Acrobat.com Tables and new Premium subscription services. Congratulations to the Acrobat.com team!

Firstly, Acrobat.com Tables extends the brilliant collaborative authoring environment of Buzzword and Presentations to spreadsheets and tables. Rather than me giving you the lowdown on it’s capabilities for working together as a team in realtime, check out the crash course on the labs site or the Acrobat.com blog.


The other big news is that Premium service subscriptions are now available. There are services that continue to be freely available, but for a monthly or yearly fee, you can now access additional capabilities such as larger online meetings with ConnectNow, unlimited online PDF creation, larger file sharing and 1-to-1 support. As a thank you to the 5 million people who signed up for the beta, the Acrobat.com team are offering a US$50 discount on annual subscriptions. How very generous of them!

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