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Acrobat X Has Cleared The Tower

Unless you slept in this morning, you would have seen that Adobe Acrobat X (not ‘ex’, ‘ten’), Adobe Reader X, Adobe SendNow and Adobe CreatePDF were launched today. My friends and colleagues on the Acrobat Solutions team are really excited, even after a long night watching the web sites and blogs and videos and Twitter feeds and [insert your favorite way to get news here] all go live.

So what’s new and improved when it comes to document collaboration with Acrobat X? I’m glad you asked. Here’s a little teaser:

  • Nice, seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint (2007 and 2010) for checking-in and checking-out PDF files, including adding versioning information and document library properties.
  • A new Comments pane, that bring together into a single place all the comment and markup tools, the tools for starting and managing a review and the Comments list.
  • The Comments list has a quick search filter: start typing some text, and only those comments that have that text will be shown in the list and in the document. [I love that capability]
  • Adobe Reader X now has the sticky note and highlight tool always available for any PDF document that you can add comments too, and then save that. Sweet!

I invite you to check out the videos that have been posted on Adobe TV to see the software in action, as well as join us on October 19 and October 21 for some eSeminars over on AcrobatUsers.com. More information will be coming soon.

In the meantime, make sure you are already subscribed to the official Acrobat family blog and Acrobat.com blog (where you will usually find me writing these days).


    Congrats on the announcement!!

    The link for “Acrobat family blog” doesn’t work ( should it be blogs with an “S” ?)for me.


      Thanks Dimitri!

      Doh! Thanks for catching that typo. It’s fixed now.

    We are running Sharepoint WSS 3.0 – any idea if Acrobat X will play nice with WSS 3.0 or would we need to upgrade to take advantage of the new integration features?

      Yes, you can use WSS 3.0. Likewise for SharePoint Foundation 2010.

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