And we’re off

Welcome to the Way of HTML5, a blog aimed at web developers looking for community content for learning and using HTML5.

A few words about myself. I’m the content manager for Adobe Dreamweaver, a job I’ve held since 2004. I’ve been associated with the Dreamweaver team for 12 years, going back to 1999 when I came to Macromedia as a tech writer to document the new app development features in Dreamweaver. More recently I got mixed up with the digital video world with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Why does a guy who works at Adobe want to talk about HTML5? Adobe is the leading worldwide vendor of web design and development tools by revenue, according to a recent IDC report. But I’m not here to talk about the benefits of using Dreamweaver, though personally I think it’s a pretty awesome tool. HTML5 is important for all web content producers, whether you use Adobe products or not. I hope I can make this blog useful for this wider audience.

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