Stand out from the search crowd

David Gould explains how the new structural elements — article, section, nav, aside — can help search engines improve how they understand and deliver your content. He writes that “the sooner that sites adapt their content to HTML5, the better chance they have to stand out from the sea of indistinct <div> tags — and to be ahead of the curve as search algorithms increasingly weight clean, semantic code.”

For example, the nav element can be like a town crier for search crawlers: “Oyez, oyez, this way to the most important content!”

The article element tells search crawlers that they’ve hit a rich vein of content. As Gould writes, “Text and images within an <article> is more clearly identified as primary content, and likely be weighted as more significant to a page than something tucked in an <aside> or <footer>.”

Read the rest at HTML5 and SEO: New Strategies for Optimizing Code.

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