Hello all, allow me to introduce myself

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Hello all, I would like to introduce myself; I am Tim Huff, the Business Development Manager here at Adobe. My job here is to focus on the AEC industry and see how and where our products help you the AEC Professional. Look at it as an Acrobat for AEC Blog plus all the other cool stuff!

_uacct = “UA-1416026-2”;urchinTracker();_uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();Since you found this Blog, you probably have noticed another AEC Blog by my buddy Michael Folkers. The difference is that this Blog will focus more on Use, Workflows, Tip and Tricks, and Support of almost all of Adobe’s Products that are used in the industry and Michaels will focus on the Acrobat Family of Products within the industry and Product Marketing areas. Will there be some overlap, sure, but hey in the end, who wins? Well you of course, you get more and better information that will only help you leverage your use of Acrobat and the Adobe Family of Products in our industry. Ok enough about differences let me give you a little of my background: 

  • I am a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Texas, Austin
  • I spent a few years trying to play soccer for a living then noticed "Hey, I’m just not that good!"
  • I worked in the Aerospace industry for 2 years and then in the Chemical Processing industry for 5 years, I made the jump to technology going to work for a major CAD company for 7 years where I helped developed it’s mechanical 3D CAD product, then jumped ship to the competitor and spent 2 years there running there 3D CAD product.
  • I have been with Adobe for over 2 years focusing on the AEC industry 2D and 3D.  

So what I bring to Adobe and hopefully you through this Blog is deep experience on how you work, design, collaborate, and build. I just wanted you to know I have felt your pain and I will do my best to help with this blog. Ok so look for the first installment in a few days, and we’ll have a lot of fun along the way! Thanks all Tim Acrobat for AEC Blog

7 Responses to Hello all, allow me to introduce myself

  1. Hugh says:

    Welcome. (I hope you didn’t copy and past this post from MS Word) 😉

  2. lisa norton says:

    I’m kinda new at this and was wondering if there is a cost to download Adobe Photoshop? Not much free these days but worth a shot.

  3. Rodney Mills says:

    Hey this is great! We have invested in Acrobat and would like to see more of this kind of thing. We didn’t know that you could do this with Acrobat, give us more!

  4. Tom Jackson says:

    I am really glad you started this blog, it shows that Adobe cares!

  5. Tim says:

    Well I would love to give everyone a seat of Photoshop, but, we do need to keep the doors open :-), If you just need a light version try Photoshop Elements you can get it at any store that sells software.Good Luck!

  6. Dan Cornish says:

    Hi Tim,Perhaps we can schedule a time to talk. We are all about building collaborative tools for the AEC community.

  7. Eric Law says:

    Hi TimGood to see someone blogging for the AEC industry. We have a challenge and was wondering if you could help us. We sell a web based collaborative project management application to owners and construction managers for managing their capital projects from design through construction. Most of the documents the users exchange through our application are in pdf format. We are looking to integrate a markup tool into our application so users can markup pdf documents through our application. The challenge is we provide a true web application unlike many of our competitors in that we support all the major browsers (Firefox, Safari, and IE)and do not require our users to install plug ins or active x controls. We are looking for a pdf markup tool that meets these requirements. So far all the ones we have found require IE or require users to download a plug in. Java plugins are fine as long as they are truly platform independent. Let me know if Adobe has a product that meets this requirement or knows of a vendor. Also the server side of the application must run on Linux. We don’t use Microsoft products as the are very insecure and unreliable.Thank YouEric