Acrobat “Lines Merge” adjustments for PDF created from AutoCAD

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Steps to adjust Acrobat Line Merge settings for PDF creation from AutoCAD

I’ve was recently reading on a few competitors web sites that Acrobat can not do Lines Merge and Lines Overwrite when publishing PDF from AutoCAD.  Well this is false and we’ve put together step by step instructions on how this setting can be adjusted for PDF being created from AutoCAD using Acrobat 8 Professional, there is a link to a sample DWG file and the resulting variations in PDF output depending on what setting is chosen (Lines Merge or Lines Overwrite).  This isn’t currently documented as part of the Acrobat 8 Pro help files, so we’re providing this a tip and trick for all of you out there, enjoy.

Read on for the instructions.

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Steps to adjust Acrobat Line Merge settings for PDF creation from AutoCAD con’t


1) Open the DWG file in AutoCAD and select the desired Layout

2) From the file menu, choose Page Setup Manager 

3) Choose Modify – Note that you’ll get an alert message if the file had a plotter defined that isn’t present.

4) In the Printer / plotter pull down menu, select Adobe PDF.pc3 if it’s available.  If not, select Adobe PDF.   Note:  We’re doing this as a matter of convenience.  Any .pc3 printer/plotter setting that includes a line merge option should work fine, but creating one for PDF will allow you to indicate want line merge preference for your PDF when this is selected.

5) Select the Properties button to open the Plotter Configuration Editor

6) From the Devices and Document Settings tab, expand the “Graphics” option

7) Select Merge Control


8) Select the “Lines Merge” option for Line Merge

9) Close the Plotter Configuration Editor, saving the PC3 file

10) In the Page Setup dialogues, make sure that the .pc3 file that was saved in the previous step is selected as plotter

11) Select the Acrobat PDF Maker icon within AutoCAD

12) In the Acrobat PDF Maker wizard, select the layout specified earlier to convert to PDF

13) Follow the remaining Acrobat PDF Maker wizard steps to complete the PDF creation process

14) Selecting all layers

15) Create the PDF, which I will add that in Acrobat 8 Professional is 85-95% faster than previous releases of Acrobat

16) You get this result


Here is the comparison with Line merge turned off



So as you can see is usually the case with Acrobat, it can be done!  All I can say is "Man, I didn’t know Acrobat could do that!"


Thanks every one, I hope this was helpful. If you have any other questions on how to do something in Acrobat please add a comment below


Tim Huff


One Response to Acrobat “Lines Merge” adjustments for PDF created from AutoCAD

  1. Toan says:

    I have set the Adobe PDF printer in ADT to have Line Merge checked. The plot preview shows it correctly. But the final PDF still show lines overwrite. Am I missing something? Thanks.