BIM and 3D How, Who, Are ya, or will ya?

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BIM and 3D How, Who, Are ya, or will ya?

Ok so that is a strange bit to start off with but, I was just sitting here watching a little FA Cup British Soccer with my kids and I just starting to wonder about BIM, IFC, 3D…Being a Mechanical Engineer, my work history has been 100% 3D, I see no benefit to 2D design and drafting.  But I drank the 3D kool-aid in College in the early 80’s using Bosch and Lomb 2D and 3D wireframe design as I did my summer internships at a large HVAC manufacture.  I’ve used or deisgned almost every 3D Design package on the planet.  Let me see; Bosch and Lomb, CADDS, Pro-E, Medusa, Think3, 3Di, IronCAD, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Architectural Desktop, Inventor (I was product manager for Inventor for some years), SolidWorks (I was the field marketing manger for a few years there as well), Catia, UGS, SolidEdge, Alibre, I even wrote my own 3D Parametric modeler on the ACIS kernel for fun.  So I feel that 3D is the best way to design and help eliminate errors. Our industry is just getting rolling into 3D, and along for the ride comes a few standards like BIM.  I want to throw this out to you.

1-Are you using a 3D system and if so what and why>

2-Are you using a standard like BIM and why?

3-How do you see BIM and other standards moving forward?

I’m asking this because we are starting to look at Acrobat 9 and I would like to see where your heads are in respect to these areas.

Whelp, that’s it for today, I guess I’ll get the boys and go to the park and kick the ball around a bit.

Tim Huff

2 Responses to BIM and 3D How, Who, Are ya, or will ya?

  1. smick says:

    I don’t know what BIM is, but I use Blender for my 3D modeling. It’s a great package and exports to multiple formats. I’d love to see it work with Acrobat or flash or some other program that allowed immediate 3D export for client view.

  2. Tim says:

    BIM is the Building Information Model. It is an in work standard based on the transfer of critical data in the building/construction model. Things like a door knows it’s a steelcraft 36″ right swing with a 1 hour fire rating. stuff like that. Blender for 3D, interesting, how is it? Also need some more feedback from you all!